Karolina Rochman-Drohomirecka


an architect & color designer

She graduated from the Gdańsk University of Technology Faculty of Architecture and the Faculty of Architecture at HAWK Hildesheim in Germany. An experienced architect and color designer. She has numerous executions of urban and interior design projects on her track record.

A specialist in working with color which she explored in Germany, at first as a student, and then as an employee at the Paint Design Department at HAWK Hildesheim and in Spain, where she acquired the expert skill of using color as an extraordinary tool in the designer’s work.

Projects currently in progress

Home in Gdynia, Poland
Apartment in Gdynia Środmieście, Poland
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I am pleased to be featured in the
following publications
  • Dom i wnętrze Dom pełen koloru, Październik 2016

Mood boards

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